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“Leanne really helped me relearn how to view success and the benchmarks, financially, for my business.”

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Joel Barbour, Founder of The Great PNW

“How the Great PNW Made a Great Profit with Leanne”
The Problem
Joel Barbour’s lack of a business background left him playing guessing games of where he could save & make money in leading his clothing company, The Great PNW.

How Leanne Helped
Once Leanne got a full grasp on The Great PNW, she curated a plan specific to Joel’s business structure that immediately helped him profit.
“She wants to know about the core and the foundation of the everyday ‘what’s going on’ in the business so she can fully have a true grasp of what we do, what our needs are and who our customer is.”
Joel Barbour, Founder of The Great PNW
“Leanne’s approach is: let’s not look in the rearview mirror to understand your money, let’s look to the future.”
“It helped having someone to vent to that you could trust, that you knew would keep it between the two of you, that you could bounce ideas off of.”
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