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“Now I have time to focus on other events, plan and think about the next steps versus just struggling through my financial side of things and it’s advanced me already. It’s set me up for success.”

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Danica Gilbert, Owner of Slate Creek Brewing Co.

“Building a Profitable Brewery with No Backgroud”
The Problem
Danica Gilbert’s background was behind the bar, not in business. So when she opened Slate Creek Brewing Co., she struggled to keep her finances under control.

How Leanne Helped
With a personal profit coach like Leanne, Danica learned how to manage her money based on advice from someone she could trust. Now, she can focus on the fun parts of owning a business and stop stressing about her finances.
“It helped having someone to vent to that you could trust, that you knew would keep it between the two of you, that you could bounce ideas off of.”
Danica Gilbert, Owner of Slate Creek Brewing Co.
“Leanne really helped me relearn how to view success and the benchmarks, financially, for my business.”

Joel Barbour, Founder

“The first time I met with Leanne and she told me what we were going to do, I couldn’t sleep for a week. But after we did it, I’ve never slept better.”

Dee Lordan, Founder

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