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“The first time I met with Leanne and she told me what we were going to do, I couldn’t sleep for a week. But after we did it, I’ve never slept better.”

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Dee Lordan, Founder of Dee’s Landscaping and Lawn Service

“How Dee Turned His Downfall Into Dough”
The Problem
Dee Lordon describes his 20 years in landscaping as a “rollercoaster”. Down went the economy as his stress levels soared, and soon his business became a monster that he couldn’t manage.

How Leanne Helped
Once Leanne looked at the numbers, she made decisions for Dee that changed his life. He dumped nearly half of his business, found more time for family and still makes a profit on his passion.
“Leanne’s ‘bad cop’ service is amazing. It taught me how to be a better manager to my employees.”
Dee Lordan, Founder of Dee’s Landscaping and Lawn Service
“Leanne really helped me relearn how to view success and the benchmarks, financially, for my business.”
“It helped having someone to vent to that you could trust, that you knew would keep it between the two of you, that you could bounce ideas off of.”
“I was doing a lot of things wrong, but Leanne made it really clear on what I needed to do with my steps moving forward with setting budgets and goals.”
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