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How I started

In 2004, I forged my way into entrepreneurship and never looked back.
I owned a business that was making over a million dollars, but I was hiding a dirty secret: I couldn’t pay myself a hundred dollars a month. I was stuck in what I call the Make Money Vortex. My business consumed my life and every dollar it earned.
I had been operating my business like a good little entrepreneur chanting, ‘It takes money to make money,’ but deep down I had known for years knew something was wrong financially with my business.
I honestly believed if I hustled, leveraged and got the proverbial next contract, then profits would appear. Except they never did, no matter how much I increased revenue.
So, I went to the only place left: my boring old bank statement. By studying my behavior with a business checkbook, I learned which parts of my business were profitable, identified which parts were stealing my profit and learned and implemented my Spend on Purpose Method.
I changed me, and my business followed. Granted, it was not easy or fast but, it was totally worth it! It took intellectual honesty, practice, falling down, getting up, and determination.
“This is the problem I solve for business owners: I help them get honest, get out of the financial fog and develop financial systems that work with their native behaviors with money that’s why it works.” – Leanne Ozaine Smith

Services Offered

"I had a struggling business that could generate money, but couldn't make a profit. I was stuck in the cycle of having to work more, work harder. No matter how much I increased my income, there never seemed to be profit! I felt like a failure. I was knocked off my pedestal then built back up with Leanne's commitment and grace. She taught me money systems and told to make my business flourish in a way I didn't think was possible. My business is now truly profitable; I'm able to forecast and plan at a whole new level."

Janet Stevens


“Without making $1 more, I now pay myself appropriately, have an abundance of profit, & my accounts are full of money. The moment I invited Leanne into my business-finances, she became my fiercest fan. She helped me shift my thinking, funded my priorities, helped me destroy debt, and taught money-systems I now understand & can actually use!”

Dezda Finn

Dezda Finn Properties

“Leanne really helped me relearn how to view success and the benchmarks, financially, for my business.”

Joel Barbour

The Great PNW

“I was doing a lot of things wrong, but Leanne made it really clear on what I needed to do with my steps moving forward with setting budgets and goals."

Millie Schnebly

Maker & Made

"The first time I met with Leanne and she told me what we were going to do, I couldn’t sleep for a week. But after we did it, I’ve never slept better."

Dee Lordan

Dee's Landscaping & Lawn Services

“I had an instant connection with Leanne, she’s super easy to talk to and she made talking about money very comfortable for me.”

Lucia Balmes

Rooted and Rogue Salon

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    “Never settle for ‘financial opportunity’ in exchange for a livelihood.”
    – Leanne Ozaine Smith
    I’ll teach you how to be smart and profitable with the money you’re already making.
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